Pre-Engineering Orientation Webinar

Pre-engineering Orientation Webinar is an online orientation program conducted by CADD International for the students who aspire to step into the engineering world for a better career.

As we all know, COVID 19 is now playing its cards by stirring up fear in us about our life, education, and career. We are conducting this webinar to bring lights in your life by giving a clear picture of your dream career and the path to it.

Pre-engineering Orientation Webinar is a 3-day program for +2 students in which there will be 3 interactive sessions of 3 different experts from different fields on each day. The speakers will be reputed engineering college professors, industry experts, and software experts from the civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering fields. Through this webinar, we help you chart the steps to achieve your ambition even in this uncertain period.

We will succeed over COVID 19, prepare now for the future, then the future will be yours.

“ Your Actions Decide your Future ”



What, Why & When to Learn

The Industry Speaks

Software & its Applications


  • 1st Session: What, Why and When to Learn

      What is Engineering?

      Its Importance & Scope

      Benefits of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in an engineering career

  • 2nd Session: The Industry Speaks

      Pioneers in the Industry

      Industrial changes due to COVID 19

      Industry specifications

      Path to meet the industry requirements

  • 3rd Session: Software & its Applications

      Awareness of all software

      Its Relevance & Scope

      Application of software in the real world

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